Judith Dene



I am Judith Dene and have been dressing for many years in private, I was however dragged out of the closet by the help of a couple of good friends some fifteen or so years ago.. My first time was to a Harmony event near Scarborough, which I travelled to in drab, but the journey home was as Judith and I have never looked back since. I thoroughly enjoyed the time despite breaking a heel going downstairs and tumbling halfway down!

Well that was the start and now I enjoy going out and about as Judith and have the support of my wonderful wife in this and she is good at telling me what does not suit me. My interests in life other than being Judith are photography (wildlife mainly), fishing, wildlife watching especially birds, bats and badgers as well as reading and caravanning.

I am looking forward to trying to help others achieve their desires, especially girls in Scotland, so if you have any suggestions, ideas for events, or wish to start a support group please feel free to contact me and I will endeavour to assist you achieve this. In addition to Beaumont Society I can often be found chatting in TVchix chat room, usually the Scotland room but sometimes the North East room and also on Roses Forum chat room so if you see me and wish to chat please do so.

Please contact me if you wish to find out more or if you need advice on any trans-related issues. Contact by E-mail is my preferred method of contact please use judith.e.dene@btinternet.com; it enables me to send advice, location details, web-links and detailed help. Do remember, though, that all Beaumont Society personnel are unpaid volunteers (many having fulltime jobs) who offer support in their spare time, so it may take a couple of days to respond to your enquiry.

Email:- treasurer@beaumontsociety.org.uk for Treasurer-related issues; and judith.e.dene@btinternet.com for other issues.
Mobile:- 07786717051

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