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Executive committee

The Beaumont Society relies on a dedicated team to ensure the charities workings run smoothly. The Executive committee are trusted long-established and well-respected Beaumont Society members who manage the every day organisation.

There are Beaumont Society Regional Organisers (ROs), Area Organisers (AOs), Club and group organisers, that ensure the BS remains the number one UK support group for transgender people.

To assist prospective new members who would like to know more about the society and the background behind terms like “Gender Dysphoria”, “Transexual”, “Transvestite” etc. The society has produced a pamphlet which can be downloaded at the link below.


Jane Hamlin

President – Jane Hamlin

Rona Rees

Vice President – Rona Rees

Jennifer West

Secretary – Jennifer West

Rachel Dee

Membership Secretary – Rachel Dee

 Treasurer - Judith Dene

Treasurer – Judith Dene

Eleanor Roberts

Magazine Editor – Eleanor

Jim Kirk

Design – Jim Kirk











Regional Organisers

Scotland - Jackie

Scotland – Judith Dene

North East - Vacant

North East – Vacant

North West - Vacant

North West – Rachel Dee

Central - Joanna

Central – Joanna

Eastern - Liz Saunders

Eastern – Liz Saunders

London - Helen

London – Helen

Eleanor Roberts

Southern – Eleanor

Paula T

South West – Paula

Western - Nicky

Western – Vacant

Rona Rees

South Wales – Rona Rees

Fiona Johnson

South East – Fiona Johnson













Click here to read more about the regional organisers

Area Organisers

Debbie Sawyer

Debbie Sawyer






Click here to download A Guide to the Beaumont Society
Chevalier d’Eon de Beaumont

Along with being curious about our history, one of the most common questions we’re asked is “Why are you called the Beaumont Society – are you named after someone?”

The short answer is that we’re not named after someone per se.  The Society name comes from the “Chevalier d’Eon de Beaumont”, a French aristocrat at the time of Louis XV who led a double life as Charles / Lia, not only in the court, but also in senior diplomatic roles in both Russia and England !!!

To help with enquiries on this subject, the article in the link below was researched by Danielle and first published in the June 1996 Edition of the Beaumont Magazine.  It  provides more detail on the Chevaliers life through Louis court and Charles / Lias role in the diplomatic relations between France, Russia and England – leading to intriguing accusations of spying…

Click here to download Chevalier d’Eon de Beaumont Biography (PDF)

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