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Could you help with this research?

Further trans participants still wanted for independent research interviews on hormone treatment and psychological support. Participants will receive a £10 amazon voucher per interview, and a chance to speak about their experiences and voice any potential concerns, anonymously and strictly confidentially. For more information, please contact Loa on lsw0025@my.londonmet.ac.uk. Your time and input would be much […]

Gender Identity Services Consultation

NHS England has launched a 12-week consultation on gender identity services. The consultation is seeking discussion and feedback around two proposed service specifications for adult gender identity services (people 17 and above). The service specifications are based on engagement with the trans community and clinical experts and describe new proposals for patients who are looking […]

Transgender Healthcare

New Research. Can you help? Researchers from King’s College London wish to explore transgender women’s beliefs, attitudes and expectations/experiences of menopause and hormone replacement therapy (HRT). It is hoped that the study will help to build knowledge to better support transgender healthcare, wellbeing and the transgender community as a whole. If you would like to participate in […]