Transgender books

Transexed and transgendered people -A guide

ISBN 0 9525107 7 4
Gendys Publications

This publication is specifically for the existing and would be gender changer, for those who are variously intersexed, for those having gender difficulties amongst their children, and families facing the problems of having a transsexual in their families.

Transvestism and Cross Dressing -Current views

ISBN 0 9521357 6 0
Beaumont Trust.

A collection of articles by professional writers and participants on Labels & Definitions, In the Closet, The Medical Bit, Culture History and Law, Counselling & Support, Coming Out.

My husband Betty -Love, Sex and Life with a Crossdresser

Primarily written by the wife of a Transgendered husband as a guide for other wives/partners, it goes a lot further than this and is recommended to anybody anywhere on the Male to Female ‘spectrum’ or outside looking in.   She covers all the issues to do with gender. She boldly wades into the issue of sexuality and never once tries to cloud it. At times she doesn’t try to hide her exasperation and anger but she always lets us know when she is being subjective. For this reason it is imperative to read the book from cover to cover.

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