Beaumont training material

The Beaumont Society regularly supports local training sessions with Samaritans, Police, NHS as well as various businesses.  Based upon the actual experiences of our members, combined with publications from organisations like press for change, GIRES and ourselves.  Examples of past presentations are included below, which include the following points.

  • Introduction.
  • Historical background.
  • A personal viewpoint.
  • Benefits of association with others.
  • Consideration of the incidence within the population.
  • An explanation towards motivating factors.
  • Gender spectrum and sexuality matrix
  • Relationships with wives, partners and families.
  • Intolerance.
  • Common partners worries.
  • Secondary issues;- Alcohol, Drugs, Self harm and Suicide
  • The law and rights.
  • A view to the future.

Time is allowed for questions and subject discussion plus a variety of hand outs are available for further study.

Email here for more details.

Training Presentations

Community Transitioning – Principles of care

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