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Clothing for trans prisoners

We have been contacted by Leigh-Anne West who works at HMP Wymott in Lancashire with a desperate request for clothing for trans prisoners. This is a men’s prison, but they have several M to F trans people in residence. It is very difficult for them to acquire  appropriate clothing so that they can be their […]

Are you in the process of transitioning?

Dear members, My name is Anna and I research documentary ideas for a television company called What Larks Productions. Jane Hamlin has very kindly posted this message for me. Here at What Larks we produce innovative, sensitively made films including ‘The Great British Paraorchestra’ (Channel 4), and the docs ‘Jo Brand on Kissing’ and ‘Jo […]

Gender Recognition Act Consultation

Trans people are able to receive legal recognition of their acquired gender through a process set out in the Gender Recognition Act (GRA) 2004. Since the GRA came into force, only 4,910 people have legally changed their gender. This is fewer than the number of trans respondents to the government’s LGBT survey, who were clear […]

Proof that our website is secure

Just in case you have not noticed, we have now been issued with an SSL Certificate which is proof that our website is secure. The only difference you will notice (because it was secure before) is that the URL is now rather than That little ‘s’ is the evidence that the site is […]

Data Protection Policy

The Beaumont Society takes its responsibilities very seriously, particularly with regard to our members’ data. You can download a copy of our Data Protection Policy DATA PROTECTION POLICY (BS)

Incorrect email on Data Protection Consent Form

I am sorry but I made a typo on the Consent Forms that was with the new magazine – Issue 101. The email address for returning the form should be  . Somehow ‘uk’ got added to the end. I am sorry for any inconvenience that members experienced in trying to return the form.

Are you considering transitioning?

One Tribe TV are interested in finding older individuals who do not identify with the sex on their birth certificates and are considering, or have made the decision to transition. This is the subject of a highly sensitive, positive and intelligent BBC documentary about individuals who choose to live out their final years in their […]