Female to Male (FTM)

F.T.M. is the generally recognised abbreviation for “female-to-male” transgender people, who experience a sense of gender dysphoria from living in a body which is incongruent with their preferred identity. FTM people are born Female, but wish to present as Male either on a temporary or permanent basis, depending on the degree of their dysphoria.

The Female to male portion of the transgender spectrum can sometimes be a under-represented on the internet and it can be difficult for people who identify in this category to find useful sources of information. For this reason, we have created this page of links, which we’ll update as we find more sources ourselves as well as working with other groups to establish support meetings for you.


CTSAR/Cornwall Transgender Support And Resource – a non profit, Community organisation founded in December 2010 and facilitated by Mr Kazimierz (Kaz) Hawthorne Neumann – retired Chairman of SWTEN/South West Transgender Equality Network and retired Director of Equality South West.

For more information visit the website click here.

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