In the UK, the NHS is the national public heath care provider.  In England and Wales, LGBT services are accessible through the NHS choices website, while in Scotland, the NHS National Services Scotland provide access to the services.  The links to both sites are below


NHS Choices
The NHS Choices website contains links to many services, including A&E, local hospitals and details of Primary Care Trusts.

For more information visit the website click here

NHS National Services Scotland
The NHS National Services Scotland website, contains the same information for Scotland

For more information visit the website click here

The NHS Direct service
The NHS Direct service provides help and support whenever you need health advice and information 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. As well as the 0845 4647 telephone service, they offer a range of interactive online tools, known as health and symptom checkers, which you can use to assess your symptoms online and then receive personalised clinical advice on the best course of action, whenever you need it.

For more information visit the website click here

Diversity Training and Advisory
Diversity Training and Advisory, or DTA for short, is the brainchild of Delia Johnston, Zoe Evans and Amanda Nicolson who realised that although there are many organisations offering diversity and equality packages, none seem to tackle LGBT issues, specifically Transgender and HIV/AIDS.

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