Monthly Archives: May 2019

Making immigration records straightforward for trans people

The team responsible for ensuring that government digital services are built and designed to be as user-friendly as possible is inviting members of the public to test these services and provide feedback on their experiences. These services include immigration applications and passport renewals amongst others.

They are currently working on the online process involved in an individual changing their gender identity on their immigration record online. The Beaumont Society has been asked if we could assist in the recruitment drive for those who might be interested in participating and helping to improve the service.

They are seeking 10 – 20 people who:

  • Have been through, or are planning to go through, gender transition.
  • May need to change their gender identity details on formal and legal documents.
  • Are non-UK EU citizens
  • Are over 18 years of age.

They say their priority with the project is to ensure that these online processes work as efficiently and seamlessly as possible for the transgender and non-binary community in our country. The researchers are relatively flexible in travelling domestically or doing remote research, but their main offices are located in London, Corydon, Sheffield and Manchester. They are aiming to begin inviting in participants for research in mid-June. All participant information is treated with strict confidentiality and in line with GDPR. Participating in this research has no influence on a participant’s legal status.

If you would like further information contact Astrid Crowley, Research Operations Officer, Digital Data and Technology, Home Office