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Rights watchdog (EHRC) should lose its status

The so-called Equality and Human Rights Commission which is supposed to look after the rights of people has been taken over by a group of people with transphobic views. Stonewall, backed by the Good Law Project, has drawn up a submission to the Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions, calling for the EHRC to lose its “A rating”. The Beaumont Society also supports this action.

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Not everyone is born male or female

Here is an article by Carl Streed Jr and Frances Grimstad that appeared in The Independent on Tuesday 8th February 2022. One is a professor of medicine and the other is a professor of gynaecology. Their research and clinical experience show that sex designation is not something to take for granted. For those who don’t fit neatly into one of two categories –  and there are millions – an inappropriate classification on a birth certificate can have consequences that last a lifetime.

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