NHS Publications

Transgender experiences – information and support

This leaflet has been produced to help trans people and their families understand about the experiences of trans people, their rights and their choices. It also helps healthcare staff to understand about their role when caring for trans people.

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Guidance for GPs other clinicians on the care of Gender variant People

Gender variant people are relatively rarely seen in GP surgeries. Many GPs say that they lack the knowledge to treat those experiencing gender variant conditions and, consequently, they are not confident to do so. The first part of this publication provides an overview of care for trans people that is particularly applicable to GPs

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A guide to hormone therapy for trans people

This  booklet has been produced by a team that includes doctors and trans people to help you understand and answer some of your questions about hormone treatment for trans people.  If you are thinking about starting hormone therapy, you may find it helpful to share the information in this booklet with a spouse or partner or other family members.

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NHS Funding processes and waiting times for adult users

This publication will help you understand the processes involved in obtaining funding for treatment for gender variant conditions. It answers the questions that service-users typically ask, and it provides guidance on how to navigate this complex system with minimum delay. Your GP may also find this information helpful.

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