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Help and support for the transgender community


Originally founded in 1966, the society originally started as a UK Chapter of the secret American organisation “Full Personality Expression” (FPE).


In 2010 The Beaumont Society became a registered charity. (No. 1135548). The aim of the society then, is remarkably similar to those of the Charity now :-

The Charity believes transgender people are entitled to be treated with dignity and respect in all aspects of their lives by family, friends and the wider non-transgender community, including businesses and services.   To achieve this vision, the Charity will:

  1. Form an association for the transgender community to facilitate mutual support and communication in order to improve the health, emotional well-being and confidence of transgender people.
  2. Promote and assist the study of gender.
  3. Educate lay and professional groups about transgenderism, its associated issues and the work of the Charity.
  4. Engage and support the accomplishment of any lawful activity that promotes the above aims.

We also seek to provide opportunities for transgender people to socialise in safe and comfortable surroundings.

From those early roots, the UK Chapter eventually became the Beaumont Society, taking the name of the Chevalier d’Eon de Beaumont. Originally, all members had to be sponsored by an existing member and had to be vetted before being accepted – but this is no longer the case.

Traditionally regarded as a secret MTF group for cross-dressers, the society has significantly evolved since these humble beginnings. It’s now open to any section of the transgender community who would like to join, MTF, FTM, bi or non gendered – even wives and partners. If you are a wife or partner, we would also recommend our sister “partners” organisation which has specifically been established for you.

Click here to download PDF of the History of the Society