Shirley Keel

shirley_keel_2Now retired as President and Eastern Regional organiser, Shirley has been gratious enough to allow us to include her profile as “Past President”

Although the amazing variety of transgender people defies categorization, if pressed I would define myself as a late-developing part-time cross dresser.  The reasons for my late development are simple: a very happy marriage until my wife passed away; raising three wonderful children; and a fulfilling career as an engineer until I took early retirement.

Having only a few years experience as an occasional woman I am able to remember vividly my first terrified experience of going out dressed, so can readily empathise with those who are taking their first tentative steps into the transgender (TG) world and I fully understand any feelings of guilt and fear they may have.

Since my own debut however, I have thrown myself enthusiastically into the TG scene to make up for lost time. Support groups, weekend events, conferences, excursions, dining, shopping, pub groups, nightclubs, discos; you name it, I enjoy it, so I claim to be able to identify with TG people of all ages and persuasions. Of course I have interests other than cross-dressing; sometimes as myself and sometimes as my male alter ego. Time doesn’t permit as much sculpting and painting as I would like but I keep my hand in with painting my face and for a time had a regular comic strip ‘Daphne’s Diary’ in the Beaumont Magazine, which – time permitting – I intend to resurrect at some time in the future.

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