Sue Fisher

suefisherHi everyone, I’m Susan (although most people know me as Sue) I’m in my fifties and until my accident worked as an European Office Manager for a networking company. I was born in London and lived in the South until I was 23. I followed the man of my dreams to Wales, and although we parted ways soon after, I fell in love with the area and decided to stay. I have a daughter, Charlotte and she is married to Callum Brindle. We are all founder members of Beaumont Emerge, along with my close friend Joanna Darrell.

I was introduced to the Transgender Community in October of 2012 by my ex-partner. After a brief separation, he came out and told me how he had secretly been dressing as a woman, and that he wanted to do this more openly. Although I was initially shocked and confused, I agreed to support him fully and very quickly this became an all-consuming passion for him. In time, although we eventually separated, our reasons weren’t because of him being transgender. Indeed, while I was helping him find go and shop for clothes, I became an active member of a local trans organisation which has grown into the Beaumont Emerge group for wives and partners.

I know from personal experience that being the partner of a trans person can be a difficult experience. You go through a roller coaster of emotions and feelings which can affect you on a very personal level. From talking to many family members during Prides in 2013, I realised others would like to have a support network as well and the opportunity to meet and talk to others. It’s for this reason we have continued with Beaumont Emerge in North Wales which is part of the Beaumont Partners national support group. Why not drop me an email or come by and visit us on Facebook or our website?

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