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Are you in the process of transitioning?

Dear members, My name is Anna and I research documentary ideas for a television company called What Larks Productions. Jane Hamlin has very kindly posted this message for me. Here at What Larks we produce innovative, sensitively made films including ‘The Great British Paraorchestra’ (Channel 4), and the docs ‘Jo Brand on Kissing’ and ‘Jo […]

Are you considering transitioning?

One Tribe TV are interested in finding older individuals who do not identify with the sex on their birth certificates and are considering, or have made the decision to transition. This is the subject of a highly sensitive, positive and intelligent BBC documentary about individuals who choose to live out their final years in their […]

Trans mothers

Are you a trans mother, or trans mother-to-be?Antidote Productions (http://antidoteproductions.co.uk/) are currently making a 1-hr documentary looking at gender and identity in today’s society.  The film will be presented by a trans woman, who will be exploring what it means to be a woman in 2018.  As part of the documentary, we are keen to […]