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Help and support for the transgender community

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Beaumont Partners

Beaumont Partners is a volunteer resource run by the wives and partners of trans people who provide confidential support and extend the hand of friendship to other women who have discovered that their partners are transgender.

We're run by a group of gender female volunteers whose partners are transgender. and aim to help all gender female partners of transgender people through the problems and emotions they are experiencing . As well as offering support via appropriate channels, the volunteers work together to research information to develop the group's services, update the website and perform administrative tasks.

Our objectives are as follows ;-

  • To further improve the quality of support offered to women after the discovery that their partner is transgender.
  • To support female partners of transgender people so that they do not feel alone with their issues.
  • To listen with empathy based on their own experiences of living with a transgender person.


Would you like to join the Partners?

Beaumont Partners is a volunteer organisation, run exclusively by women, for women. We aim to improve the emotional wellbeing of women who are experiencing issues as a result of discovering that their partners are transgender.

If you're a woman with experience of living with someone who's transgender and are willing to share your personal experience to the benefit of others, we'd love to hear from you - why not drop us an email at